The Flat

Throughout the school and the faculty we aim to develop our students' independence providing them with breadth of purposeful experiences to practice functional skills that will make a real difference to future lives. 

What is learned at Nursery and School is the foundation to support the next level of development at the faculty, transferring independence, autonomy and problem solving skills into real life situations. The Glyne Gap flat is an exceptional tool to support this process.

Students are given various opportunities to access the flat for a morning or afternoon session, as well as the possibility to complete a 'block week' spending up to an entire week practicing a variety of skills ‐ independent travel, household chores, shopping, cooking, sleeping away from home and even their laundry!

The 'block week' experience is an inspirational one that raises students own expectations of themselves whilst consolidating skills.  Students take pride and ownership of the flat within their time working there and can get a real feel of what independent supported living feels like.

Pupil cooking in the kitchen Student ironing clothes Student making a bed in the flat Student out shopping with shopping basket

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