Communication at Glyne Gap School


We believe that the individual child is at the centre of all that we do…that every child is an individual and is to be respected, valued and nurtured…We believe that every pupil has a voice and that this voice should be listened to and encouraged.

Communication is central to children's development in order for them to meet their basic needs and to progress their learning. At Glyne Gap School we aim for every pupil to reach their communicative potential in order to build relationships and friendships, find happiness and live fulfilled lives.

Here at school we define the term communication as how we interact with others. Communication incorporates:
  • How we understand others and the world around us (receptive skills)
  • How we make ourselves understood; for example, using speech, vocalisation, facial expression signing, objects and symbols (expressive skills)
The development of communication skills is one of the central areas of our curriculum. In order to provide pupils with a highly effective communicative environment the school has adopted a Total Communication Approach. This means we use a range of communication methods to support pupils' receptive and expressive communication skills.

What We Do

The role of the team is to lead, promote and develop a whole school approach to communication. We work in close partnership with class teams. Together, using our Total Communication Approach we aim to:
  • Enable all pupils to develop functional communication skills
  • Support and develop every pupils receptive language skills
  • Enable pupils to gain information through a variety of methods
  • Progress every pupils means of expression
The development of every pupil’s communication is planned and assessed according to their individual needs 3 times a year. Incisively relevant communication goals are set by the Class Teacher, Communication Team Leader and other professionals are invited to contribute, if known to the pupil.

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