School aims... what is our purpose

We aim to prepare pupils for their future lives. We teach pupils the skills, knowledge, and confidence to enable them to gain as much independence as they possibly can. We help pupils to make choices, and provide opportunities for them to become part of the wider community. We work with pupils to reduce the effect of their disabilities and manage other challenges that get in the way of their learning.

We aim to support and encourage pupils' present and future happiness and well-being. We ensure that everyone in the school is respected, and that everyone works at and develops good relationships and friendships. We hope to make school a safe place for fun and enjoyment. We try to ensure pupils know right from wrong, and that we support their emotional, social, and spiritual development. We try to ensure that pupils understand and adopt healthy lifestyles.

We aim to give our pupils an education that meets the highest expectations of all. We provide pupils with an exciting and challenging time in school. We give pupils a curriculum that meets their individual needs.

We also give pupils the same curricular opportunities (at a level they understand) as their brothers and sisters in mainstream schools. We aim to make pupils time in school interesting, exciting, and challenging.
We have high standards in the school and we aim to maintain and improve those standards, and hold ourselves accountable for them.

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