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Celebrating Achievements!

One of the most important things we do in school is celebrate pupil’s achievements, the big ones and the little ones too. To reinforce our praise and to support pupils understanding, we use signs. Here are some signs for you to try when your child does something...


......very good


Presenting Information

We all have things that we really like doing, such as watching sport, putting your feet up with a cuppa or reading your favourite book. But there's also things we’re not so keen to do like the ironing, cleaning the oven or emptying the dishwasher! We understand that this is part of everyday life but this can be tricky for our children and young people to accept!

If your child appears reluctant to do something they're not so keen on you can support them by breaking the activity down and interspersing it with something they really like, telling them using simple language. For example if your child wants to play in the bath and really doesn't want to wash you could say 'Now wash next bath toys'. You can use this strategy for all sorts of tasks, here’s a few examples:

Meal times - you could say '5 spoonful's of dinner then pudding' or 'Now dinner next play'.
Getting ready - 'First getting dressed then ipad'.
Going out - 'Now Tesco’s next park'.
Sharing/taking turns - 'Now Dad’s turn next your turn'.

You could use these signs to support your speech as well as pointing to objects or pictures For example, you could say 'Now (sign) lunch (point to their plate) next (sign) garden (point outside). Good Luck!




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