Website help

Our website is split into a number of areas.

Firstly we have the helper bar along the top which includes links to our accessibility pages and altering the font sizes.

We then have our main header which includes the navigation options. When you click on an option (for example Parent Information) the selected option will gain two << next to the title to show you what section of the site you are in.

Further down on the left hand side we have a Breadcrumb trail which tells you whereabouts in our site you are.

On the left hand menu we display any pages within the section you have selected (for example Parent Information). You can navigate around by using the Tabbing system on your keyboard or clicking the relevant links.

Our main area of content fills the main part of the screen which includes images and text. On a number of pages this also includes a gallery system which can be navigated with either the mouse or keyboard. Clicking once on any thumbnail will open an enlarged copy of that image and enable you to scroll through all images shown by hovering near the top right or left of the enlarged image. Click the cross (X) to close that window and return to this page at any time. Alternatively tabbing to the image and hitting Enter will also enable the same features which can be navigated with the left and right arrows on your keyboard. To exit the gallery feature simply hit Escape on your keyboard.

Our footer along the bottom of the page contains are copyright and contact details.

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