Working in partnership with the Transitions Team

A key part of students' learning at the Faculty is preparing for life after college and for early adulthood. They will have tasters of potential Post 19 opportunities, including various day and evening activities supported by college staff or PAs. They may spend time investigating future FE colleges, or social care opportunities that focus on particular areas of interest such as catering, art, drama or horticulture. They may volunteer with TCV, take part in work placements and trial block weeks at our independence flat.  They will spend time finding out how they can contribute to their communities, what they like and don’t like and learn how to use tools to express themselves more effectively around their views and aspirations.

We work in partnership with families and carers, the Transition Service and Post 19 providers to enable students to access the future opportunities that they aspire to.

The Transition Service are part of Social Care provision. They are the bridge between the Childrens’ and Adults’ Disability Team and they play an essential part in the professional network around each of our young people. They support our young people and their families with moving on from Glyne Gap.

Alongside representatives from Health and Education and Childrens’ Social Care, a member of the Transition Service attends our Termly Progress and Liaison meetings to get to know more about pupils and to share that information with their colleagues. Most of our pupils will be known to the service when they move to the Faculty, but this process picks up those who aren’t and parents and carers can then make a referral.

As a student moves towards their 18th Birthday they will be assigned their own Transition Service worker. They will spend time getting to know that young person and their families and will try and attend their Annual Reviews. They will complete an assessment of need and help young people and their families put together a care plan that shows what they would like to do after Glyne Gap and the support that they will need to do so. Faculty staff may input into this process by sharing information or supporting ‘taster’ visits or hosting visitors from other service providers.

We and the Transition Service aim to have all students prepared for life after Glyne Gap before they leave us (generally in the July following their 19th birthday). This will involve the handing over of important information about our young adults; students spending time with the staff who will be supporting them post 19 and ‘transition’ sessions into those new opportunities. Students’ Transition Service workers will still be involved with them until they are settled. If further support is needed it will be accessible from the Adult Social Care team.

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