Accessibility tips

We have endeavoured to make our website as accessible as possible up to the maximum level AAA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. As a result we draw your attention to the following aids:

  1. All features of our site should be navigable by using your keyboard only
  2. You can jump to the main content of our site either by clicking the link in the header titled "Read main content" or using Access key (this is browser specific but in Firefox hold down Shift & Alt at the same time) and the letter c will also take you to the "Read main content" link and then click Enter on your keyboard
  3. You may find it helpful to reduce the width of our main text area. You can set the width by clicking here and to change it back simply return to this page and click the same link again.
  4. You can navigate through the website links using the tab key. On the main navigation bar you can click Escape (or the space bar if you use the Chrome or Safari browser) to close the drop menus.

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