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Portage work at homeThe aim of the Partnership is to provide a home visiting service that will offer help, support and advice to families who have children with learning disabilities. It allows parents to take the lead role in their child's learning and together we build on what your child CAN do.

Referrals to Portage can be made by parents themselves or anyone who is involved in a professional role, within the family. Following a referral the Portage Co-ordinator will visit the family to explain how we work together in partnership and it is then that you decide if you feel Portage is for you.

You will then be linked to a Portage home visitor. All our home visitors are fully trained to the National Portage Association standards and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some are volunteers and have a teaching background, we have some who are parents of children with learning disabilities and have received Portage themselves. We are also very lucky to be able to use some of the highly skilled trained staff already working at Glyne Gap School. Each and every visitor has a passion for children's learning.

Portage work at home
A home visitor supporting Kyle whilst he exchanges a symbol with his Dad for a sweet

Home visits will be fortnightly. We will discover all emerging skills that your child already has and then, together, set activities to build on those skills. In the time between visits, you will have the chance to work with your child, on the set activity.

The five areas of learning that are covered by the Portage Checklist are

Physical/Motor skills
Cognitive (thinking skills)
Language skills
Socialisation skills
Self help skills

We also believe it is important to make time to meet socially so that parents have opportunities to talk to each other and share their own experience and knowledge. We invite all our Portage families to the Family Days we have at School. This is when we open the school for you and the whole family to come and use our facilities such as the sensory room, soft play and hydrotherapy pool. It's a fun way to be introduced to new friends. As a group we also celebrate Christmas as it's such an exciting time for all children and a Portage outing is arranged at this time for families.  

If you would like any information or to talk to someone about Portage please contact Sarah Jeffries, our Portage Co-ordinator, on 01424 223 707 or e mail sarah.jeffries@glynegap.org

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