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Our Portage Partnership is a home visiting educational service for pre-school children. We offer advice, information and support to families of children with profound / severe learning disabilities who may have other additional needs, i.e. physical, medical, sensory and Autistic Spectrum Conditions.  

Portage work at homePortage Partnership Beliefs

We believe that a positive approach to learning, which focuses on the strengths, skills and abilities of children as individuals, is key to their learning, development and happiness.  

We believe that families play the key role as "teachers" in their child's life. We work together with parents to empower them to become teachers of their own children. 

How Our Portage Partnership Works

A referral can be made by either parents, carers or other professionals. Following this we will meet with each family and child to discuss whether our Portage service is right for you. Once a service has been agreed we will work with you to build a partnership which will be personalised to meet the needs of you and your child. We also work in conjunction with ESCC ISEND Support Service if your child/family requires this service.  

Families will receive fortnightly visits with a Portage trained home visitor lasting approximately 1 hour.

There are 3 key elements to every home visit:
  1. Child led play - Identify child's skills and interests
  2. Structured Teaching - Focus on child's development
  3. Family Focus - Share any concerns and celebrate successes

Making a Difference

Our Portage service uses a SMALL STEPS approach to playing and learing. We assess each child in all key areas of their development and identify pririty learning and goals.

The Key areas are:
  • Physical / motor skills
  • Cognitive (thinking skills)
  • Communicatoin skilss
  • Socialisation skills
  • Self help skills
  • Play/Learning skills
What Our Parents Say

"Portage has been the best service for our daughter and has been fantastic for us, as parents. Hollie adores her Portage visitor and is really keen to interact and learn with her. As parents we have learnt valuable tips from Portage that we use in everytday life that helps us with our daughter. From having a non-verbal child five months ago we now have a little lady that has a few words under her belt, that's fantastic! We couldn't recommend Portage highly enough".

Portage Contact Details

Portage Co-ordinator: Sarah Jeffries
Telephone: 01424 223707
E-mail: sarah.jeffries@glynegap.org

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