Structure & Function of Governing Body

The governing body takes a strategic view, acts as a critical friend and ensures accountability in all matters. It has steering, executive, support, accounting and monitoring roles. The Governing Body works alongside school leaders to ensure best outcomes for all pupils and has a specific role in systematically challenging school leaders to secure excellent outcomes for all pupils. It does this through the work of the committees.


Main duties:


Resources Committee

  • Ensure SDP drives budget setting
  • Draft budget for full governing body
  • Monitor expenditure against budget
    (including Pupil Premium)
  • Agree underspend priorities
  • Receive audit findings
  • Act on audit recommendations
  • Agree staffing structure
  • Monitor grounds maintenance
  • Agree use of buildings
  • Agree lettings policy
  • Monitor buildings maintenance
  • Agree buildings improvements
  • Monitor health & safety issues
  • Carry out statutory checks
  • Risk assessment

Teaching and Learning Committee

  • Monitor standards
  • Monitor all curriculum matters
  • Agree statutory policies (sex ed. behavior, S.E.N.)
  • Agree child protection policy & issues
  • Monitor all school procedures and curriculum guidelines

Staffing Committee

  • Oversee all appointments, participate as per terms
    of reference
  • Appoint head and senior staff
  • Agree head
  • Oversee appraisal/performance management
  • Single central record register (DBS)


Meeting Frequency


All governors are invited as available plus;

  • Andrew Phillips (Vice Chair of Governors)
  • Frances Hall - Governor
  • Headteacher
  • Business Manager
  • Assistant Business Manager
  • Specialist Advisor to the Governing Body
  • Meet - 3 times a year

All governors are invited as available plus;

  • Claire Cordell - (Chair of Governors) - Chair
  • Millie Rowland - Governor
  • Headteacher, Heads of School, Communication Team Leader, Business Manager
  • Professional Advisor to the Governing Body
  • Meeting frequency - 3 times a year

All governors are invited as available plus;

  • Tina Newstead (Governor) - Chair
  • Claire Cordell - Chair of Governors
  • Headteacher
  • Business Manager
  • Meeting frequency - 3 times a year

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